Sunday, April 3, 2016

Ariana Grande's Presents "Dangerous Woman (Visual 1)" Music Video

First of all, I am not sure why it is called Visual 1. Maybe another version of the music video will come later on? Nobody knows. Anyway, the music video is here and it is sexayyyyyyy as hell! Ariana rocks the bunny-masked thingy for the single cover (kinda channeling Playboy in a way) which gives us the idea of how sexy the music video will be. I will say I am not disappointed AT ALL. Hahaha. Just when I thought our little sweet Ari couldn't get any sexier than she already is, this music video happens. Some might say Ari looks way too sexy than she should but who are we to say what she should looks like or not anyway right? So for Arianators, enjoy the video here and for non-Arianators, you might wanna check out other videos yah? PEACE! Do you think Ariana looks too sexy? Drop me your thoughts. 


Khai Artzfar said...

ariana tall and venti please! :P

Raf Lurv said...

That would be 23 bucks sir.


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