Sunday, April 3, 2016

Rihanna Kiss It Better Baby (Explicit) - Music Video

Rihanna is never short of sexy-ness and in this video, she shows nothing but sexyyyyyyy. This video surely makes the guys (and some girls) to be on their seats till the end of the video. We've seen Riri's amazing figure several times before so there is nothing new to it only that now you can see it in many different angles. We all know what the song is about. If you don't, please Google the lyrics before watching it and before judging it later like it some kind of gospel song. "Kiss It Better" is the second single from Rihanna's new #1 album, "ANTI", succeeding "Work". Do you like it or you don't? Well, that is up to you. Watch it below and share your thoughts about it. PEACE!


Daewon Bain said...

She is one of the Hottest female singer and her song unfaithful is one of my favorite song thanks for share keep it up!
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Raf Lurv said...

She certainly is! Thanks for stopping by. 😊


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