Thursday, April 7, 2016

JLo Announces New Single "Ain't Your Mama"

Jennifer Lopez is making everyone knows that she ain't no mama to no one with her new single "Ain't Your Mama". The song will see a live performance from JLo on Idol stage tonight (lucky those in US) so make sure you guys stay tuned. Im sure it's gonna be awesome.

The song rejoice Jlo's and her latin roots but with a new pop touch, something that we love from JLo. I think Im saying this on behalf of everyone that the music video is highly anticipated. Sure to be an instant Youtube/Vevo viral.

Take a listen on JLo's new song her and tell me what you think of it yah. PEACE!

P/ s; Meghan Trainor wrote the song!


Khai Artzfar said...

Meghan T wrote the lyric? Wooooow

Raf Lurv said...

She wrote the song entirely.


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