Saturday, April 2, 2016

Iggy Azalea drops Music Video for "Team"

It has been sooooo long since "Fancy" and Iggy Azalea finally made her comeback to the music scene. This time, she is bringing "Team" with her. "Azillion" was supposed to be her comeback song but sadly, the song didnt fly. Sad to know that "Azillion" did not received enough hype when I think it should because it was such an amazing song. Fortunately, "Team" received significant responses and hence, it is worthy of a music video (thank god). Iggy did released a dance video for "Team" previously which was so promising and making us anticipating for the music video so much more. So the music video was released on 31st March 2016, just a few days ago for our viewing pleasure. I like "Team" a lot and I listen to it all the time. It was to my relief that the music video for "Team" is as amazing as the song! The music video got the vibe that the song need, great editing, great everything. Kudos to the director and everyone involved. For those who havent watched, watch it here and tell me what you think. PEACE!

p/s: "Team" is a song from her upcoming album "Digital Distortion"

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