Saturday, April 2, 2016

Zayn's Mind of Mine - Album Review

Zayn, (formerly known as Zayn Malik) ex member of the current hottest boyband, One Direction has dropped his first highly anticipated debut album, "Mind of Mine". As expected, the album garnered massive responses from fans and critics who have been dying for the album (glad that it dropped on time tho). So with the album in hand, does it live up to the hype? Let's find out. 

A little info on this album, the deluxe version comes with generous 18 songs including the hits "PILLOWTALK" and "iT's YoU". Prior to the album release, Zayn releases few tracks from the album namely "iT's YoU", "BeFour" and "LIKE I WOULD". Let's first talk on what I love. "iT's YoU" is my personal favourite from this album. The song is emotional with good lyrics. Zayn's falsettos are on point and the music just touch me in every way a music can. Real eargasm. "PILLOWTALK", the album first track which also was an instant hit, showcases Zayn's promising vocals. Tho it was kinda hard to catch what Zayn was saying in the song at first. "BeFour: and "LIKE I WOULD" are dance tracks, radio-friendly songs which are easy on the ears and easy to listen to. "fOoL fOr You" is my another favourite track from this album. Catchy lyrics with good music. Moving on, "TiO" is one hella sexy song, literally speaking, The lyrics are sex-y (:p) and the music is also sexy. Take a listen, you'll do what Zayn tells you in the song. I bet u will! Lol. "sHe" also delivers a sexy feeling to the listeners. I mean, I dig this R&B, groove, kinda pop as well kinda song. I believe this song will do good on radio. At the high falsetto part, Zayn kinda sounds like Jason Derulo or Shayne Ward actually.

On the other hand, among the tracks which I found least interesting is "dRuNk". It is not that bad actually but I found it is kinda typical. I mean it sounds generic and average. Plus, I don't really fancy the idea of getting drunk. (sorry). "BoRdErZ" and "lUcOzAdE" both give the same vibe, kind sound alike actually, It made me stop for a while and check if I was playing the same song.

The so-so songs are among others; "BLUE". Eventho blue is my favourite colour, it doesnt go that way with this one. "BLUE" is a ballad song, supposedly to show off Zayn's flawless vocals. However (to me), it turns out short. I mean it feels inadequate in a certain way. Another one is "SHE DONT LOVE ME". This song is very generic actually. We've heard this somewhere before I'm very sure.

So, in the nutshell, Zayn's "Mind of Mine" is actually a good album as a whole. A very good first attempt and deserved all those attention given to it. It actually reminds me of Justin Timberlake a lott. I dont know is it because they were both from a massive boybands or they both going for the same genre. Well maybe both. Overall, I give this album 4/5 and totally recommend this album to those who love R&B and Pop music. Thumbs up! 

p/s: Take a listen to some of Zayn's songs here. Enjoy!

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