Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Yuna World Premier "Crush" Music Video Featuring Usher

The long wait is over with the official release of Yuna's latest effort "Crush" music video featuring Usher, today just few hours ago. Honestly speaking, I was among millions of Yuna's fans who got excited for the music video. Not only because it features Hollywood A-list, Usher, but also because the song itself is so damn good. To me it should be the first single instead of "Places To Go". But I am not a music expert so I am just laying my thoughts down about it. Ok, moving on to the music video, the video was shot in black and white, like "Places To Go" music video and you guessed it, slo-mo is the major drive for the music video as well. Well, I think you can expect that knowing that the song is a slow, relaxing kinda song so using slo-mo is not an issue here. I think I don't wanna comment so much about it. You guys should watch it and tell me about what you guys think instead. If you ask me, I love the music video and I enjoy watching it. I will say it is the perfect music video for you to chill and relax. Anyway, watch it below and share your thoughts with me yah. PEACE!

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