Sunday, April 17, 2016

Kris Allen's "Letting You In" Album Review

Kris Allen is back with his brand new album "Letting You In". Following his past release "Horizon" which came out a little quiet, this 2009 American Idol winner is here again with his new flavour. How good is this album going to be? I'm about to find out real soon. Before that, few quick info on this album. It was launched on 18th March, about a month ago with no preceding singles of any sort. A very daring move I shall say. The album comes with 10 tracks and takes about 37mins to listen to. Ok so let's get going with this album.

The album starts with "Love Will Find You". This song really gives you the picture of how the entire album will go about. Kris is going for something like the 70s 80s kinda songs and kinda country in a way too. It's kinda different with his previous album "Thank You Camelia" which I think more of a pop rock. "Letting You In" is still very much a pop rock album (I think) but with the touch of blues, country and 80s music to it. "Faster Shoes" is a dance track but not a modern type of dance music. It's 80s kinda dance music actually which it will be a good track for tap dancing.


1.Love Will Find You

3.Time Will Come
4.Waves (Kris Allen's classic)
5.If We Keep Doing Nothing


All in all, this album is not something you would listen on mainstream radio most of the time, Im very sure. The songs are deep and really not staple to radio. Well, most good music don't really made it to radio anyway right becuz they usually give way to catchy pop garbage. If you really like to listen to music that is not really mainstream and not radio-typical, this album is for you. It gives retro and country vibes to it despite being a pop rock album. I wish this album and Kris Allen all the best. May this album revive Kris's career once again. I give this album 3.8/5. PEACE! 

Take a listen to this album on Spotify now:

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