Thursday, March 3, 2011

Born This Way Music Video Released.

A bit too late to share about this news as the video had been released on the last 28th February 2011. I was too busy i can't get myself time to write. Huhu. Well, honestly, the video, to me wasn't that impressive and I'm a bit disappointed by the result. After seeing Britney's Hold It Against Me music video, I was actually expecting Gaga's Born This Way to be very good or at least better but after watching it, nah, it did not satisfy me. The dance was, to me a bit messy, the outfits were way too exotic and weird(even for Gaga) and the editing was not smooth. It is a complete frustration as i really like Lady Gaga and also the song itself. Despite the thing, the video still rake more than 7 millions views(3rd March). However, to me, the battle of the pop-princess, I have to say is won by Britney Spears with her addictive Hold it Against Me. But never mind, I still love Lady Gaga and I'm sure she can manage to pull a lot better videos later in the future. Watch the video here and share your comment about it. Thanks. Enjoy!


LoLeEtA gOtHiCa said...

love britney moreee ! always britneyyy.. heheeh..

RafLurv said...

same here. :)
this video is not that good right?


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