Thursday, March 10, 2011

Celebs Worst Fashion!

Do you think that our Hollywood celebrities are having a sense of fashion in them? Well, as for normal people, yes, they will think that way. I mean, how should they not right? They are in the entertainment industry where beauty and fashion plays a very important role in determining their career. As you know in fashion, one day you're in, the next day you're out(Heidi Klum). So, if you think that our Hollywood celebs do have a fashion sense, well, take a look at these pictures and decide for yourself again. :)

Ke$ha's green mini dress looks like frog skin and with those boots, it just didn't work and the make-up....really need to go!

Beyonce's dress looks like a vase! Apart from that, the dress is s tight, we can see Beyonce is having hard time to bend herself.

Okay, the picture next to Victoria Beckham explain everything im wanna say. Thanks Big Bird.

Well,I think it is better if Nicki Minaj just go nude because she does actually looks like she is. Other than that, the outfit looks very similar to the one wore by Britney Spears in her Toxic music video. Don't you think so? Copycat!

Avril, Avril, Avril...Let's just leave the outfit to the boys don't you think?

Now let's check on the bad fashion done by the celebs in bundle.

Okay, let's start with Britney Spears. To me, the mini-dress is not that bad but the problem is the dress does not flatter her shape. And that is what making her look bad. Not to mention the messy hairdo. Miley oh Miley, from a decent country girl to a slutty looking teenager. Visible bra, metallic accessories(too much!) and short skirt. Good combination to make a country ho. Last but not least, Megan Fox in her vanilla mini-dress. There's something wrong with her picture that I can't identify.

Paula Abdul's dress looks like it is unfinished and if you see it from far, it looks like blood had smeared on the dress. Paula, find a stylist!Vanessa Minnillo's dress is not that bad but not that great either. The detail of the dress, especially at the neck line is so not beautiful. And Tracey Gold, how can you dress into that? Are you planning to go on war or something with it? The bottom looks like blades for God sake.

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