Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Celebs Bad Hair Day.

Are you having a bad hair day today? Well, worry no more because you are not alone. Our Hollywood celebs are also, even after spending thousands of dollars at the salon to make their hair beautiful, also facing the same problems. Don't believe it? Okay, let me show you some proves just to please you people. Check these out. Some of our A-lists Hollywood stars are just don't get it right with their hair-do.

Amy Winehouse with her big hair.
Cassie looks like she was attacked by the hair dresser and with evidence too.
Drew Barrymore looks like she is sick.
Are those snakes on Christina Aguilera's head??
Gwen Stefani with her.....emm...i don't know.
What is wrong with Kelly Osbourne?
Perez Hilton need to blog this. Seriously.
Err...Pink, what's happen to your hair?
Jennifer Lopez really need a major reconstruction.PERIOD.

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