Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Miley Love Britney :)

Being a celebrity does not mean you can't have your own celebrity crush like normal people. Don't believe me? Okay, I got Miley Cyrus here on my side as evidence. Huhu. As soon as Britney's latest single "Hold It Against Me' is available on the iTunes, Miley quickly downloaded it and tweeted her positive feedback after listening to the song saying that Brit's song is very addictive and she can't help but to keep listening to the song. See? Being a huge celebrity does not mean you only can listen and love your own music. You may still adore others. Like Miley. Let's just see whether Britney Spears will return the favour when Miley releases her new single later okay? :p

p/s:Hold It Against Me is truly addictive!Serious!

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