Friday, March 4, 2011

Fashion At Grammy 2011

Grammy, apart from it prestigious award show and stunning performances, the drama from the red carpet is just as hot as the Grammy itself. Of course, on the red carpet, we can see celebrities flaunting their good looks in beautiful outfits(well,at least they think it's beautiful) and rock the red carpet. Last year, the most outstanding outfit was from Lady Gaga with the star in her hand. What about this year? Well, see it for yourself and decide. To me, the most beautiful outfit was worn by the Hot n Cold singer, Katy Perry. She looks like an angel, literally in the Giorgio Armani gown with Swarovski crystal. With the wings and long flowing gown and her angelic face. While Lady Gaga forget about the red carpet and arrives in an opaque egg, she owns the carpet. Seriously.

Other celeb who got the attention from the crowd on that day was Nicky Minaj. She came on the red carpet with an outfit that i would rather say, channeling Lady Gaga. I don't really know why but seeing her reminds me of Gaga. However, she managed to pull it off.

The boy's side, we can see Bieber in white, and Lambert in black suit. Bieber look manly in the velvet white Dolce & Gabbana tuxedo and Lambert, like always, look edgy and cunning. They both look super good and to me were among the best outfits at the night.

Now, for the fashions that i don't really like. Let see what we have. Here, we can see Jennifer Lopez, Hailey William of the Paramore, Rihanna and Miley Cyrus. What do these four celebs got in common? Bad FASHION SENSE. Seeing them in those outfits is just weird and awkward. I mean, don't they have stylist?? Jennifer Lopez, in the metallic minidress, even is not that bad, but to me it is to young for her. I mean, it will look a lot better on Miley. For Hailey, i just don't know what to comment. You can look and give me your comment. It is just too weird. Rihanna, in the ruffles dress is just not that exciting. The dress looks fine at the first sight but after after several sighting, it loos awkward on her. With the hair done it just didn't work for me. While for Miley Cyrus, the dress doesn't flatter her curve and her style. It looks like someone else's.
After all, this is all based on my personal comment and if you wanna share your comment, please do. I love feedback. :)


LoLeEtA gOtHiCa said...

hahahhaa.. lorveee !!

RafLurv said...

who do u love loleeta? me katy perry of course. :)


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