Monday, March 28, 2011

E7 - Nokia Strikes Back!

After quite sometime since the last we hear new gadget from Nokia, E7 is now available for loyal Nokia fans out there who are craving for more Nokia for their collection. I've seen a picture of E7 before it was released at Nokia Facebook and as far as I remember, that was last year. I think, it was somewhere around August 2010. Wow, it seems that E7 took quite sometimes for it official released. Never mind then, the past is past and E7 is now available for sale. This new flavour from Nokia carry the famous E-Series name and the exterior design have similarities with the popular N8. The obvious difference between both is that E7 has a QWERTY slide keyboard while N8 doesn't. The specs are high-end, like the N8, with a sleek design, slide keyboard, large 4inch AMOLED screen, Symbian ^3, similar to N8 and C7 with a 8MP camera. Unfortunately, the camera doesn't has endorsement from Carl Zeiss and also does not support auto focus. What a SHAME! However, the phone does has something to be proud of, which is its stylish and luxurious design. I personally like this phone and i think Nokia has done a good job on it. Just a bit dissapointed on the camera but all is forgiven. Thumbs up for Nokia. :)

p/s: Can't wait for Nokia phone with Windows Phone 7 to be released. :)

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