Friday, March 18, 2011

Celebs Record Breaker

Do you people read World Book of Records? You don't? Don't worry. I don't read that too. Haha. I mean, only some of the records in there are interesting while some I can say, ridiculous. I much prefer reading records breaking made by our Hollywood celebrities. Wanna know some of my favourite celebs who break records? Check these out.

Britney Spears
*Her latest single Hold It Against Me shatters the one-week spincrease record at 3,866 spins. Britney Spears has the biggest one week audience debut of 33,237,000
*Hold It Against Me also landing straight to No#1 on the iTunes shortly after the song is released
*Womanizer made a biggest jump in the history of Billboard Chart from 96 to No#1!
*Brit has more than 5 No#1 single

Lady Gaga
*Her new single, Born This Way only took 3 hours to be at No#1 most downloaded song on the iTunes beating up Taylor Swift's Mine which took 5 hours to be No#1 most downloaded songs
*Born This Way also topped No#1 at all 22 countries that iTunes is available
*After just 3 days, GaGa’s ‘Born This Way’ has debuted at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 with an awe-inspiring 448k downloads, making giving it the 1st-week highest digital sales by a female artist in history
*Gaga also has more than 5 No#1 single

Taylor Swift
*She took 15 minutes to get her concert ticket sold out!
*Fearless has been No#1 for a total of 10 weeks,longer than any other album releases this decade
*She became the first country artist to win a Moonman at the MTV Video Music Awards
*"You Belong With Me." scores the first No. 1 country crossover on the Nielsen BDS-based Radio Songs/Hot 100 Airplay chart
*Taylor Swift becomes the longest-charting album by a country female not only since 1997, but also in the entire Nielsen SoundScan era.

Leona Lewis
*Leona is the first UK female artist who topped No#1 at the Billboard Chart with Bleeding Love!
*Run is the fastest selling debut in UK

Justin Biber
*Bieber score first place for the most viewed videos at Youtube beating Lady Gaga by 2 millions views++
*Justin is also the first artist to have all of his songs from his debut hit the Top 100 and his first 4 singles in the Top 40 BEFORE the album’s release!

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