Saturday, July 30, 2011

12 Million People Following Lady Gaga!

Holla peeps. Few days back, I noticed that Lady Gaga tweeted about her followers on Twitter that has reached more than 12 millions! She tweeted "Omg! Latey Gaga again. I can't believe I have 12 million followers! Let's trend #12MillionMonsters! Can't wait to perform on TV twice 2nite!". So, I just wanna congrats Lady Gaga for that astonishing achievement. So far, Lady Gaga has the most number of followers on Twitter with 12,083,660 followers. The second account with the most number of followers belongs to Justin Bieber with 11,361,677 followers. Well Gaga, it's time to thanks those little monsters of yours. :)

p/s:Rebecca Black has 441,713 followers.Impressive. :)


fadlisabri said...

OMG Gaga!hehe~

RafLurv said...

she's awesome rite?Huhu.


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