Monday, July 4, 2011

Mizz Nina New Single - TakeOver

Hey guys. Okay, I know this single has been released for quite sometimes but never mind, I still wanna share this with you guys. Last time, Mizz Nina shaked the local entertainment industry by producing a single featuring Hollywood singer, Colby O'Donis through the hit song, "Whatcha Waiting For". This time, Mizz Nina collaborated with famous rapper, Flo Rida to produce the latest single, "TakeOver". Listening to this song for the first time was something new, Mizz Nina sounded less 'electronic', the beat of the song was nice, make me wanna dance along when I hear it and yah, it was a great single. I'm looking forward for the music video to be released. Hopefully it will be as good as "Whatcha Waiting For". Give it a hear now and if you like it, the song is available on iTunes for download.PEACE! :)

p/s:Mizz Nina, shake it up baby!!


Anonymous said...

just love her new song

RafLurv said...

same here! :)


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