Saturday, July 30, 2011


Hey again people. Here is another movie review from me(been watching quite a number of movie lately.hahaha). Captain America is one of the latest movie now in Malaysia, just released on the last 28th July 2011 for public views. Okay, this movie is about a 90 pounds guy who really wanted to join the soldier to serve his country. But of course, due to the skinny problem he has, he didn't make it through until a professor saw some quality in him. To be a lab rat of course. Haha. Several serums later, he is the Captain America. Ok, I think that would be enough. The rest you guys should watch for yourself,don't wanna ruin it. The story was nice, nice sound effects, nice cinematography, nice cast, nice sets and everything is nice! Hahaha. I rate this movie 4/5. For those who loves superhero movie, this one is a MUST! Peace!
Watch the trailer here peeps. :)

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