Saturday, July 30, 2011


Hey peeps.
If you are a movie fanatic, this is one of the latest movie in cinema rite now(Malaysia). Few days back, my friend and I went for a little escapade and ended up at GSC Dataran Pahlawan. My friend, Sapes asked all of us to watch this movie as another option from Harry Potter(not a fan of Harry Potter). So, we all went for this movie. Hanna is actually the name of the main actress. Hanna is a young girl who is trained by her father to be the perfect assassin. Hanna is a genetically altered offspring that was intended to create a perfect soldier but however, the program was shut down and all the test subjects were terminated. Hanna is the sole survivor and was trained to seek revenge for her biological mother who was murdered by the program developer(something like that). Ok, roughly the story is like that. To me, the story line was good. I was attracted to watch until the end. It was actually like watching a smaller version of Angelina Jolie. The cast was not bad. In conclusion, I shall say that this is a nice movie to be watched for those craving for actions. I rate this movie 3.5/5.PEACE! :)


saiazuan said...

nice.. kna tgk ni ... thanks

RafLurv said...

Tgok la.cte die mmg bole layan. :)


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