Sunday, July 3, 2011

Top 10 Most Sexiest Lips

Hello people.Pheww,I been a lil bit busy lately with classes,events and assignments so I have to abandon my beloved blog for a while. Nevermind then,now I'm back to fill my cute readers with new things. Okay,this entry is another attempt from me to list down 10 celebs and this time celebs with the most sexiest lips in the entertainment industry. Without any further due,these are the celebs with the most sexiest lips ever.

When it comes to lips,no other celebs can ever beat this lady here. Jolie and lips is synonim. Jolie's lips might be the most perfect lips in the world. It got shape, attractiveness, gorgeous, sexy, seductive, delicious and very kissable. (HAHAHAHAHA) Pardon me for being a bit dirty but that's what most of the guys look at girls' lips.

This local celebs is reigning popularity through her debut in "Karak" film but what is making headlines about her is not acting but her lips. Being compared to famous lips of Angelina Jolia is to me a very big compliment. Whether her lips is original or not, let's just leave that to her okay. As long as it is gorgeous, I don't think it will be a problem.

Everything about this one lady is sexy and her lips is definitely not an exception. Megan Fox is so blessed that she has every criteria of a dream girl man ever dream about. As hot as a FOX!

I love to see Ke$ha's lips in this video clip 'Blow'. Ke$ha's lips has the perfect shape, the upper is thinner than the lower and the curve is so sexy!

Last time, I crowned Adriana Lima as one of the celebs with the most beautiful legs and now I proudly include her in this chart as she has the undoubtedly sexy lips! Don't you just love it guys?

This "So Close" actress once beat Angelina Jolie for the celebs with the most sexiest lips ever in one website and yah, I agree that Shu Qi definitely has a very sexy lips. Probably one of the most sexy lips in Asia.

Country singer with the most sexiest lips ever must be non other than Taylor Swift. This America's Sweetheart has a very sweet looking lips but sexy in its own unique way. I just love looking at her lips. It is nice. Hehehe.

If there is any award that crown celebs with the cutest sexy lips, So Hee from Wonder Girls definitely gonna win it. So Hee's lips is perfectly cute, with a 'M'-shaped upper lips and a smoky hot lower lips.

Pop Princess Britney Spears has been seducing legion of fans around the world with catchy pop tunes produced by her sexy lips. With a nice shaped lips like that, no wonder she is keep on coming back. Yeah Brit!

Former lover of "Green Lantern"(Ryan Reynolds) here makes the girls around her green with envy. Envy for what? The lips of course(looks also included but we're talking LIPS here).


Cik Humaira.. said...

hehe..i choose angelina jolie! :))

RafLurv said...

Her lips memang cantik kan? That's why she is number one. Hehe. Thanks for commenting btw Cik Humaira :)

saiazuan said...

taylor swift were also on the list? impressive :D

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RafLurv said...

ya saiazuan..Taylor Swift's lips is sexy!

c.a.p.i.k said...

bibir raff pon sexy kot. asal xmasuk dlm list? huhuhu

RafLurv said...

hahaha.thanks :)hahaha.thanks :)

Anonymous said...

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ravi said...

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shakeel said...

shu qi is better, her lips seems me very attractive and sexy

RafLurv said...

i think Shu Qi has a sexy lips too.thanks for commenting shakeel. :)


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