Saturday, July 9, 2011

Britney VS Avril

Hey again peeps.
Have you guys watch Britney Spears' latest music video "I Wanna Go"? If you have, then you must notice Brit's blonde hair with pink-coloured highlight on it rite? Remember seeing that on someone before? Cuz I remember seeing that Avril Lavigne also did the same hair do with that pink element when she made her comeback with ""Best Damn Thing". Some comment on Youtube says that the pink element reminds them of Avril, and yah, me also was the same but a fan of Britney Spears commented back saying that Brit has done that way before Avril did. But, I don't really care who did the hair first because that does not matter. All that matter is who carry it better. Who do you think carry it better? Share your feedback with me peeps. PEACE!

p/s:I think it's a tie. :p


raffie said...

aku pun perasan benda ni.....ehhehehhe

RafLurv said...

so,you think sape carry it better?


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