Monday, July 4, 2011

Dato' Siti's First English Album!

Hey guys. Just wanna share a bit info about our hot Dato' Siti. I've been checking Dato' Siti's Facebook page, you know, just to dig something about her. And according to her status, she updated that her first English Language album will be available in stores starting from this coming September 9, 2011. Plus, her first single from the album, "Falling In Love" will be performed by Dato; Siti herself in "Anugerah Planet Muzik" this coming July 15,2011. Wow, I am really looking forward for this big event and for the debut single to be aired nationwide. Just wish Dato' Siti all the best!

p/s: You will always be the best Dato' Siti! :)


fadlisabri said...

Congrats siti!^^~

RafLurv said...



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